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Flexographic printing is an environmentally friendly way of printing

At present, the Chinese government is gradually paying more attention to environmental protection. The the People's Republic of China Food Safety Law stipulates that benzene is a prohibited material and cannot be used in food packaging; the General Office of the State Council forwards the Ministry of Environmental Protection and other departments on promoting the joint prevention and control of air pollution and improving the area The "Notice of Air Quality" clarifies that the "printing" industry is included in the scope of "carrying out the prevention and control of volatile organic compounds pollution; the Ministry of Health has also drafted the Measures for the Administration of National Food Safety Standards (Draft). The history and characteristics of flexographic printing was formerly known as "Annilin", also known as flexographic printing. Later, non-toxic and harmless water-based inks replaced

Affected by pulp prices, European paper prices rose again from July 1

Coated paper maker Sappi Europe (Sappi FinePaperEurope) has started another round of price hikes after claiming that its last paper price hike "barely compensated for the high cost of pulp. From July 1, Sape Europe will increase the prices of flexible packaging paper, label paper and cardboard by about 6% in Europe and overseas markets. In April, Sape raised the price of trekking coated paper by at least 10 percent. GregoryGettinger, head of professional at Sapé Europe, said: "Due to the Chilean earthquake

Paper Industry Needs Balanced Development Experts Interpret Coated Paper by Double Reverse

"The rapid development of China's paper industry in recent years is in sharp contrast to the relative stability of the global paper industry. The export of some of China's paper products has an impact on the inherent interests of the old paper-making powers in the world. This is also the deep-seated reason why China's paper industry has recently encountered anti-dumping and countervailing measures in the United States and Europe." At the "Public Open Day" held by Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd. a few days ago, Li Hongxin, president of the Paper Chamber of Commerce of the all-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and chairman of Sun Paper, interpreted the root cause of China's coated paper repeatedly encountering "double evils" in European and American countries. According to reports, China's paper production will exceed 0.1 billion tons this year. From above

Overseas paper prices take a breather mainland has a sense

Since the beginning of this year, international pulp prices have continued to rise. In the past May, the price of pulp per ton has risen by 30 to 50 US dollars. A year ago, northern bleached softwood kraft pulp sold for about $640 per ton in North America. So far, the price of northern bleached softwood kraft pulp in North America has risen to $1000 per ton, an annual increase of more than 56%. The price in the Chinese market also exceeded US $870 per ton. According to overseas media reports, this year's international pulp rose sharply, a very important reason is the Chile earthquake in late February. The earthquake led to the shutdown of about 4 million tons of pulp, while Chile

In 2019, equipment Gaobao 145-5 L will be added.

In 2019, equipment Gaobao 145-5 L will be added.

March 2018 Add Equipment Gaobao 164-5 L.

March 2018 Add Equipment Gaobao 164-5 L.