Professional textile enterprises

Years of focus on shoes, bags, hats canvas

The cotton yarn used by the ※ for many years is imported yarn, and all yarn specifications are high-quality cotton yarn to meet the requirements of various brands;


Enterprise advantage
Enterprise advantage

Strong technical force for inspection

Advanced equipment and perfect inspection technology

※ laboratory personnel are strictly trained and certified by brand manufacturers, including all testing instruments and equipment are brand-designated manufacturing.

Complete variety, sufficient inventory

※ have large-scale storage space;
※ the complete production and inspection process, reduce the probability of unqualified products and defective products, and reduce losses.


Enterprise advantage
Enterprise advantage

Systematic management services

all links in the ※ have successfully constructed an online management system through the internet;
※ customers can check the order progress at any time;

※ sales staff for you to solve a variety of canvas problems, teach you to buy their own use of canvas.